C2E2 2018

C2E2 is always a great convention to attend.

Once again, Chicago Force had the honor of running an activity for the kids on Sunday. Here are some pictures from the activity. Unfortunately, there are only a few, as we were swarmed and didn’t get to take to many.

Here’s some shots from the show floor!

And you can’t go without seeing lots of costumes:

And even though it’s in the kids area, you HAVE to check out the circus.

C2E2 2017 BB-8 Make & Take

Chicago Force ran the BB-8 Make & Take on Sunday at C2E2. Over 100 kids showed up to the Family HQ to make their own paper BB-8. Here are some pictures.

C2E2 Shananigans

C2E2 2016 was another great time. A lot of time was spent meeting up with old friends, making new ones, shopping, admiring costumes, and of course, pizza. Here’s some of the Star Wars fun we saw and had.

Joliet Star Wars Day 2015

Chicago Force attended the Joliet Public Library’s Star Wars Day 6 on Saturday June 6th. The events included a parade and a lot of costumed characters.

Celebration Anaheim Day One