Journal of the Myths – Part I

Well, the future home of Magic of Myth is currently as empty as a Dean Devlin screenplay, which means that sometime next week, the wonderful prep boys (and girls) will begin construction of the dividing wall and start matching up colors for the paint and carpeting in the hall. Installation-wise, there’s not going to be anything terribly interesting to report on/brag about until the middle of June, but here are a few things of interest that have come up…

  • Contrary to earlier reports, the original audio tour from the Smithsonian exhibit will be included with the tour.
  • The case layouts I’ve seen haven’t shown any room for Episode I artifacts (I love using that word when talking about SW). However, I haven’t seen the layouts for the exhibit’s entrance, so it’s possible that the EpI additions will be located somewhere in or around the SW store.
  • There’s no room for the massive Jabba diorama from the original expo, but most of the artifacts (there’s that word again!) from the display will still be included in the exhibit. These include: Leia’s slave costume, Klaatu, the Rancor model, and the skiff and sail barge models. I’m not sure if we’ll have Salacious Crumb on display anywhere. If we do, then the only thing missing from the original diorama will be the scaled down Jabba… which I wasn’t to hot on in the first place.
  • Thanks to SUE the T-rex, we can expect longer lines than usual for general admission into the museum. I know, I know, none of us are strangers to waiting in line (“three hours… PAH!!”) but why wait if you don’t have to?! Here’s an obvious tip: if you can avoid it, don’t show up on weekends or Wednesdays.

As always, none of this stuff is set in stone and is subject to change without advance notice. For the museum’s official word on the exhibit — including opening and closing dates, admission prices, and museum hours — go to the Field Museum Website.

Le Penguin
“Patience! For the Jedi it is time to eat as well.”

Update: Le Penguin writes in with this to say:

   The Lucasfilm crates will begin arriving on June 13. I’m hoping to get a good look at what goes into the storage, transport, and mounting of stuff like Yoda and the vehicle prototypes.

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