Dr. Strange at the McHenry Drive-In

We had a great time going out to the Drive-In! We got there early and there were about 25 to 30 cars ahead of us. The sun was out, there was a band playing. Our grillmaster brought brats from home. It got dark, and cold! Then the movie. We didn’t stay for Spider-Man, but still had a great time.

Tuesday Discussion

We will be discussing a variety of shows in the upcoming weeks:
Oct 19 – Only Murders

Oct 26 – Dune & Assembled: Black Widow

Nov 2 – Doctor Who & What If

Nov 9 – Eternals

Nov 16 – Under the Helmet

Nov 23 – Wheel of Time

Nov 30 – Hawkeye & Wheel of Time

May Event: Book Club and Arcade

This month, at 2 pm on Saturday May 18th, we’ll be meeting at Lencho Rubio’s place in North Riverside for Book Club before heading out to the Galloping Ghost arcade! We’ll also be ordering pizza for late lunch/ early dinner. Anyone who needs Lencho’s address please PM him on Facebook, or post in the event found here. 

We will be reading Master & Apprentice by Claudia Gray.

qui-gon, obi-wan

If you would like in on pizza, We’d say figure $5 a head and RSVP with Lencho so that we know how much/what to order.

We will be heading over to Galloping Ghost around 5 pm. So if you can’t join us for the book club, join us at the arcade!

Galloping Ghost

Pro Tip: We STRONGLY advise seeing Avengers: Endgame before attending. It’s not at all likely that this many geeks can stay spoiler free in an enclosed space.