April 17, 2004 saw Chicago Force return once more to Blast Camp for a day of paintball fun. The paintball gods smiled down from on high and we had excellent weather for the third year in a row. Blast Camp is an excellent field, and Chicago Force thanks them for their courteous treatment, professional attitude, and for building a damn fine paintball field.

We didn’t have quite as many turn out this time, only 16, but everyone there had a blast, from the grizzled veterans down to newest of the newbies who had never touched a paintgun before that morning.

We were graced by representatives from the Quad City Jedi Order and the Indy Knights. Thanks for making the trip out, guys!

It was such a good time that plans are being made to turn paintball into a bi-annual event, with the next session possibly in September. Stay tuned to Chicago Forc Web for details.


The Octagon


The next game we played was “Downed Rebel Pilot”. The Rebels had to escort the downed pilot to a safe area, while the Empire tried to kill him. Getting the pilot out or keeping him safe for a set period of time won for the Rebels, eliminating the pilot won for the Empire.
As I played the role of the pilot, there are no pictures of this game. One team successfully kept me hidden in a corner, while the other team made a bold move to get me out. And it would have worked, too, if I wasn’t so fat and lazy.
Anyway, in all the rolling around on the ground, I thought I lost my car keys. So there are no pictures of the next games, as I spent an hour combing the grass for my ride home. Turns out Dave had them in his pocket the whole time.

The Berm

Balls to the Wall


The Embassy

The Wound Gallery