Zoo Tree Trim 2018

brookfield zoo

Join us for our annual trip to the zoo! Chicago Force will decorate a tree on Sunday, November 18th at noon!

Our tree is number 344, located on the North Mall, near the Carousel. 


Four Things From Resistance: Spoliers

Star Wars ResistanceYesterday, October 7th, Star Wars Resistance premiered on Disney Channel. Here’s four things that I enjoyed.

1. I love lightsaber fights, but Resistance is set before the First Order emerges. So the likelihood of that is pretty low. So Resistance goes with the next best thing. Cool Starfighter fights! The show opens with some X-Wings on red Interceptor action. Very slick!


2. Droids! Droids! And more Droids! Everyone has seen BB-8 in the promotional material, but that’s not the only one we get. Bucket is part of Team Fireball, and he gets a nice intro in this episode. But there are Droids everywhere! Droids that get mistaken for stools, Astromechs that color-coordinate with their pilot. (See below). I’m happy to see the variety of lovable robots here.

Torra Doza, Droid3. The design of the show. I’m not talking about the animation style. I’m talking about grime. Star Wars has a lived-in aesthetic. The Falcon is a hunk of junk, Sandtroopers armor has the dirt ground in. The concept art below illustrates the look. It feels like people live here.

Junk Shop4. I’m so excited to see where this whole thing goes. There is going to be so much more to come! Don’t believe me? Well, I’ll just leave this here then…

Starkiller Base



Roundhouse Report!

The Roundhouse in Aurora is a historic building that was originally used by the railroad to build trains. It fell into disuse, until Chicago Bear Walter Payton bought it and made it into the Roundhouse restaurant. It is now owned by Two Brothers Brewery and operates as both a distillery and a restaurant.

Now that we’ve seen the building, time for the tour:

What a lovely night at the Drive-In

It was a nice cool evening, a switch from the sweltering humidity we’ve been having. A great night to watch Antman & the Wasp and Incredibles 2.

CF Goes to the Drive-In


Travel back in time as we enter the 1950’s when drive-ins dotted the U.S. at the Cascade in West Chicago to see Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp on Saturday, July 7th.

The movie doesn’t start til sunset but if you want a good spot, get there early (gates open at 6:30). You can bring all the snacks and non-alcoholic beverages you want to make this movie experience fun and enjoyable.

If the weather is bad, our go to backup plan is the Classic Cinemas at Charlestowne.



Joliet Star Wars Day 2018

There’s a gathering of geeks, a herd of nerds, an awakening of the dark, and the light. You know, Joliet Library Star Wars Day!

This event keeps growing, along with the fun!

C2E2 2018

C2E2 is always a great convention to attend.

Once again, Chicago Force had the honor of running an activity for the kids on Sunday. Here are some pictures from the activity. Unfortunately, there are only a few, as we were swarmed and didn’t get to take to many.

Here’s some shots from the show floor!

And you can’t go without seeing lots of costumes:

And even though it’s in the kids area, you HAVE to check out the circus.