May Event: Book Club and Arcade

This month, at 2 pm on Saturday May 18th, we’ll be meeting at Lencho Rubio’s place in North Riverside for Book Club before heading out to the Galloping Ghost arcade! We’ll also be ordering pizza for late lunch/ early dinner. Anyone who needs Lencho’s address please PM him on Facebook, or post in the event found here. 

We will be reading Master & Apprentice by Claudia Gray.

qui-gon, obi-wan

If you would like in on pizza, We’d say figure $5 a head and RSVP with Lencho so that we know how much/what to order.

We will be heading over to Galloping Ghost around 5 pm. So if you can’t join us for the book club, join us at the arcade!

Galloping Ghost

Pro Tip: We STRONGLY advise seeing Avengers: Endgame before attending. It’s not at all likely that this many geeks can stay spoiler free in an enclosed space.

May the 4th Around Town

May4th (1)

Saturday is May the Fourth! Chicago Force isn’t doing anything specific this year, so we are not endorsing any of these events, but we wanted to share what we found with you! So here’s some info on what to do around Chicagoland!

Shopping Around Town:

Stores will be offering limited amounts of Star Wars goodies, usually with a purchase.

2019-05-03_17-00-06May 4th is also Free Comic Book Day! IDW and Marvel are each offering a Star Wars comic as part of Free Comic Book Day. Check out which comic shops are participating here.

Disney Stores will be offering a Phantom Menace Lithograph to the first 50 customers, including the Disney outlets.

Hallmark stores are offering a Star Wars button set with a $15 Star Wars purchase.

Lego stores will offer a print ($35 purchase) and a Hoth set ($75 purchase)

Family Events:

Of course there are tons of things to do with the younglings on May the Fourth, here are some of them.

Many Libraries are having events:


The Chicago White Sox will be having a Star Wars Night with an R2D2 bobblehead giveaway for the first 15,000 fans.

The DuPage County Symphony will be playing highlights from John Williams in a family-friendly concert.

Eagle Bowling Lanes will be having Star Wars Cosmic Bowling to support the Blue Island Fire Museum.

Nightlife Events

Of course, we have to do something in the evening:

So whatever you do on Saturday, make sure to stay safe and have fun!

Knights of the Old Karaoke

Second Verse, Same as the First

The weather in Chicago did not want to play nice in January. We had to cancel our first attempt as Karaoke. But we do not fear the winter, we will rise again!
And by rising, I mean on Saturday, March 1st at 7 p.m. We will head out to Round1 again to sing!

Stratford Square
Sat. March 2nd 7 p.m.


Road to Celebration: Airport Public Transit


Chicago has public transit service from both airports. Check out the article here to check out the basic guide for public transit.

O’Hare is located on the northwest side & Midway is located on the southwest side.

airport map

Both airports are the start of one of Chicago’s Elevated rail lines, the “L”. O’Hare is the start of the Blue Line. Midway is the start of the Orange Line. To find out specifics on using the L to get to any destination, check out the CTA Trip Planner.

Here’s the details on each line.

O’Hare Blue Line

O'Hare CTA Station

The Blue Line offers service 24 hours a day. The most frequent service will be during weekday morning and evening rush hours. To see the most up-to-date schedule and timetable, visit here.

When traveling from O’Hare to downtown, there is a premium full fare of $5. Travelling from downtown to O’Hare is the regular full fare of $2.50.

If arriving in the domestic terminal, follow the “Trains to City” on the overhead wayfinding signs. If arriving at the international terminal, follow signs to the Airport Transit System (ATS). Ride the next train to Terminal 2 and then follow the “Trains to City” sign.

O'Hare Airport

Midway Orange Line

Midway CTA Station

The Orange Line offers service from approximately 4 to 4:30 am to approximately 1 am every day. The most frequent service will be during weekday morning and evening rush hours. The overnight “owl” service is available via the N62 Archer bus. The Orange Line operates from Midway to downtown. Once reaching downtown, trains travel clockwise around the Loop and make all stops back to Midway. To see the most up-to-date schedule and timetable, visit the here.

Chicago Facts (3)

When traveling from Midway, there is no premium full fare. The fare is the regular full fare of $2.50 either way.

The Midway station is located just east of the airport terminal building at the Midway Transportation Center and is connected via an enclosed walkway. Follow the “Trains to City” or “CTA Trains” signs.

Midway Airport

That covers the basics on how to use public transit from O’Hare and Midway.


Road To Celebration: Public Transportation



Chicago has a great public transportation system. Whether you want to get downtown from one of the two airports, get from your hotel to McCormick Place, or just see the Chicago sites, public transportation can get you where you’re going pretty easily.
This beginner’s guide will get you started.

The Basics:

There are three ways to get around the city. The “L” train and bus fall under the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and the suburban route trains falls under Metra. The iconic “L” is probably what you are most familiar with as the Elevated trains have been featured in numerous movies and TV shows.

CTA, Metra

Both the CTA and Metra have websites that can provide directions on how to get to and from your chosen destinations. Google Maps is also a great resource, just click on Transit to see the options.

The L has multiple lines, with each one color-coded. They run both above and below ground, and sometimes will do both in the course of a line. There are also certain stations where you can transfer between lines. The closest line to McCormick Place is the Green Line. The nearest station, Cermack/McCormick is only a couple blocks away.

Chicago Facts
The CTA has a Train Tracker website (in beta) that will give you a time frame for when the train will arrive at your stop. If traveling to McCormick Place from downtown (north to south) make sure to use the Green Line Cottage Grove or Ashland/63rd Branch trains as indicated on the platform and signs on the trains. If traveling to the Loop (south to north) from McCormick Place use the northbound platform marked Harlem/Lake.


TheComplete-CTA-SignCTA Bus routes provide transportation all over the City. Each bus will have a Route Number and Name. The name of the route usually reflects the major roadway that the bus travels along, i.e. 3 King Drive. There are designated bus stops thoughout the city, which can be easily recognized by a bus stop sign. Each sign will show the routes that stop there. There is also a Bus Tracker, that provides information on where a bus is, so you can have an estimation of when the next bus is due to arrive.


Quick Note: Pace is the suburban bus system. If you are suburbanite travelling into the city, check out Pace here.

Metra is the suburban rail line that travels into the city. There are several different lines. The one to check out for Celebration is the Metra Electric. The stop is right inside McCormick Place. This is another good option if you are traveling from downtown Chicago (use the Millennium Station on Randolph), as well as from south of McCormick Place.


Now that you know the basics, let’s talk about how you are going to pay for your ride.

The CTA, both the L and bus, can be paid for with cash. But most people use the Ventra app or card.Ventra

Ventra can be used instead of cash, and actually gives you a slight discount over cash on the bus. You can purchase a card ahead of time, or get the app for your phone. The card is only for CTA and Pace, not Metra. The app works for all three. There are many retail locations and vending machines that will sell you a card.

Chicago Facts (2)

Metra fares are based on what zone you are in, and the travel in between them. The larger the zone, the more you pay. Each train line has it’s own fare schedule, check out Metra to look up your fare.

There are a couple of other options than just a one-way. If you are taking the Metra all five days, there is a 10-ride ticket. If you are using the Metra on the weekend, there is a Weekend Pass. For a flat fee, you can ride as much as you want all day Saturday and Sunday.4325990663_cac0d78b1c_b

Train stations will have either a ticket agent or vending station available. You can buy a ticket with cash from the conductor on the train. But there will be a $5 fee if there was a ticket agent or vending machine available at the station.

The easy way to pay on Metra is by using the Ventra app. As mentioned above, only the app works on Metra, not the card.



That covers the basics on how to get around using public transit.

For specifics on how to travel from the two Chicago Airports, click here.