Brookfield Zoo Tree Trim 2015

We would be honored if you would join us for Brookfield Zoo’s Tree Trim. Chicago Force will have our own tree to decorate. We will provide the ornaments and you will bring the fun. We will decorate on November 22nd. Our tree is number 397, located on the West Mall, between the Pachyderm House and Tropic World. We will meet there at one in the afternoon.
We will have a limited number of zoo passes. Please contact Carrie on Facebook if you are interested.
Brookfield Zoo

Star Wars Episode VII – With Update!

Tonight tickets will go on sale for a live-action Star Wars film for the first time in ten years. Chicago Force has thought long and hard on what would be the best way to see this actual sequel to the Original Trilogy. So we are asking you to join us to see the movie marathon at Rosemont 18. Please buy your ticket tonight to the marathon tonight and we will have more to announce as the movie gets closer.

Update 10/20! Rosemont 18 was on Fandango to sell the tickets, but because of the online troubles, they took them off. You can buy marathon tickets by going to the box office.