Celebration Anaheim Day One

Celebration Anaheim Day Zero

Chicago Force arrived the day before the convention would start. Here’s some of the sights on day zero.

Joliet Historical Museum Scavenger Hunt

On Saturday, May 16th Chicago Force visited the Joliet Historical Museum to participate in the Scavenger Hunt. There were 21 vintage figures scattered around the museum and our job was to hunt them down. It was fun looking for figures and learning more about the history of Joliet.


Star Wars Scavenger Hunt and a Movie

Join Chicago Force at the Joliet Area Historical Museum as they host a Star Wars Scavenger Hunt. Families are invited to find 20 of the original STAR WARS action figures, plus a special bonus figure.

Afterward, join us at the Woodridge 18 for an Avengers showing

When: Saturday, May 16th 12pm

Where: 204 Ottawa St. Joliet, IL 60432

Free parking across the street from the Museum at Ottawa & Webster streets.